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Ref # Description Requirements Vacancy Type Closing


49922836BM/329-645114 Learner Technical X25 N3 Engineering with Maths and Science. External/Internal 16 Feb 2012
49923889BM/329-664088 Learner Plant Operator X20 Grade 12/N3 with Mathematics, Science and English External/Internal 16 Feb 2012
49611501SNG/329-664686 Learnerships x 35 Electrical / Control & Instrumentation:Grade12/N3/ NCV4 with Mathematics and Science

Mechanical/ Boiler making: Grade 12/N3/ NCV4 with Mathematics, Science & Technical Drawing

External/Internal 16 Feb 2012
49921669SNG Learner Technical Operating X15 External/Internal 16 Feb 2012
49611505SNG/ 329-664681 Pupil Technicians X9 Technikon S4 Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Control and Instrumentation) External/Internal 16 Feb 2012


49920607SNG/ 329-668113 Engineer in Training X2 B.Engineer Mechanical orBSc. Engineer External/Internal 17 Feb 2012
Ref # Description Task Grade Vacancy Type Closing
49922836BM/329-645114 Learner Technical x25 TEL External/Internal 08 Feb 2012
49795977MJ/329-644660 Learner Artisans x40 TEL External/Internal 01 Feb 2012
49923490MJ/329-646567 Pupil Technicians TR2 External/Internal 02 Feb 2012
Free State
49923980SNG/329-657075 Apprenticeship x15 TR1 External/Internal 10 Feb 2012
49922671MJ/329-650452 Apprenticeship x4 TR4 External/Internal 06 Feb 2012