How do we put this?

On Monday we kept on getting emails asking us about a “Transnet Learnership”. After we received more than 10 of them, we decided to post on our Facebook page requesting more information about it.

Additionally, we contacted a friend who works at Transnet (Not in HR) and she confirmed that advert was legitimate. But on Tuesday night things got out of hand as more people queried the learnership and so we contacted Transnet (we should have done this from the beginning):


Recently I noticed the advert shown below making rounds on the internet and I shared it with our followers on Facebook but the warning bells started ringing when I saw a different version of the advert (With a cell number — those who called the number were asked to pay some fee for manuals for the learnership). So, here is the question:

Did Transnet advertise this learnership?

Puff & Pass Team

and here is what Zandile had to say:


It is a hoax . We have not advertised anything . Secondly we do not provide accommodation for any of our SBS and never would we include that in our adverts . Thirdly we do not use Social Networks but the right resources to communicate with the public as per our Governing Policies .

Although this will not bring back your hard earned pocket money, we are deeply sorry for letting our guard down. We know you are very disappointed. Further, we would like to emphasize, no one else should take the blame for this but us.

For nearly two years we’ve prided ourselves as the most reliable entry level career page and that we achieved by posting the most recent accurate information so much so other websites copy our information every morning.

We promise that this will NEVER happen again. This low-point is one too many for the high standards we’ve set ourselves over the last while.

Should you want to share your views about this, please participate in this discussion. Also, please, we beg you, don’t make us feel any guiltier about this.

For the sake of honesty and openness,
Puff & Pass Team